Coastal Concrete Products, LLC


Coastal Concrete Products, LLC, founded in 1982 as Production Management Structural Systems (PMSS) has engineered, designed and fabricated concrete barges, gravity-based structures, concrete platforms and concrete pre-cast for use in GOM, coastal Louisiana and West Africa. While Coastal Concrete Products has had many brands over the years (PMSS, American Oilfield Divers, Tarpon Concrete, Stolt Comex Seaway, Stolt Offshore, Acergy Concrete Products), we have had the same steady management and experienced crewmembers.

Our current staff and its key employees has over 120 years of experience engineering, designing and fabricating concrete barges, concrete gravity based structures, both structural & architectural concrete elements, concrete platforms, concrete pre-cast and other concrete structures for use in the oil and gas industry, as well as for commercial applications such as buildings, casinos, amusement water features and others, since 1982. Our experience in providing creative innovative solutions and a reputation for the provision of quality structures are well known and respected throughout the oil & gas and construction industries.

Our concrete barges and float in gravity based structures are unique products far superior to any product used for similar applications. These structures are tailor made for the shallow water environment. They have been used for sites located in marshlands, as well as in environments with 50'+ water depths.

These concrete barges are custom designed and built to the client's specific needs and design loads. The base serves as a hull, providing its own buoyancy and stability during towing. It is ballasted with seawater serving as the platform's gravity base or can be operated in the floating condition. The multiple compartment base serves as a double hull and provides storage tanks for oil, fuel, wastewater, and/or various condensates. The base can be re-floated and the entire structure, including all systems, moved to another site.

Lightweight, marine grade concrete offers more versatility, superior vibration dampening, longer design life, and less maintenance than the steel barge alternative. The construction time is minimal and its portability allows all equipment and mechanical systems to be installed and tested shore side. Plug and Abandonment (P&A) is minimal, and the entire platform is transportable.

Concrete clearly is a superior product offering an extensive life cycle and minimal maintenance requirements.