Coastal Concrete Products, LLC

Why Concrete?

Concrete has proven to be the ideal material for both offshore and inland waters. Its superiority results in substantial cost savings during construction and later in the operations stage.


  1. Concrete Structures generally require less fabrication time than steel structures at a competitive and often lower cost.
  2. The lifespan of concrete barges typically exceeds the design life by a significant interval. There are hundreds of barges designed for a 20 - 30 year life that have been in service for 40 years or more.
  3. Construction time is shortened as work is performed in sheltered areas.
  4. The design weight of the concrete hull produces a low center of gravity, which increases the structures stability.
  5. The large mass of the concrete structure aides in dampening the vibration produced by compressors, generators, etc.
  6. Low operating / maintenance cost – Concrete requires no painting or maintenance.
  7. Concrete is non-corrosive.
  8. Concrete is fire-proof.
  9. Concrete is not subject to fatigue.
  10. Equipment is installed and tested shoreside in outfitting yards and not in open water. This results in capital expenditure savings.
  11. Compartmented base serves as a double hull as well as provides storage for oil, produced water, and/or various condensates.
  12. Provides its own buoyancy and stability during towing to site.
  13. Transportable and reusable.
  14. Site Plug & Abandonment (P & A) / remediation is minimal.
  15. 100% recovery on investment possible